General Service

Your legal compass across diverse needs. From protecting ideas to facilitating smooth deals, we’re here to make law work for you.

Real Estate & Conveyancing

Our team provides comprehensive services for buying, selling, leasing, or refinancing properties. We’re well-versed in local laws and regulations, ensuring your interests are protected and the process is smooth.

  • Sales & Purchase

  • Home loans including bank and LPPSA

  • Perfection of Transfer & Charge

  • Discharge of Charge/Deed of Receipt & Reassignment

  • Leases and Tenancies

In the busy business world, having a reliable legal partner matters. We work closely with clients, giving smart advice and solutions for success while safeguarding their interests.

  • Company Formation and Registration

  • Intellectual Property

  • Banking and Finance

  • Taxation

  • Title Insurance

Corporate and Commercial Law

Private Wealth & Sharia

We help Muslims manage their wealth by following Syariah rules. Using tools like wasiat, hibah, wakalah, waqf, and Amanah (trust), we make sure their wishes for now and the future are fulfilled.

  • Probate

  • Letter of administration

  • Sijil Faraid

  • General consultancy and advisory

  • Islamic personal estate trust

We help with legal issues like lawsuits and sorting out problems in business or personal matters. Our support covers civil and commercial disputes, providing assistance throughout the litigation process.

  • Debt Recovery

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Employment Law

  • Data Protection and Privacy

  • Pro bono

General Litigation

Banking & Financial Institution

We handle many services for deals and products, like project finance, real estate finance and credit paperwork. Our skills involve arranging and making different types of documents for these transactions.

  • Commercial finance

  • Corporate Finance

  • Asset Finance

  • Islamic Finance

  • Real Estate Finance